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In Video Conference, State Grid Asks All Staff to Fulfill Responsibilities and Spare No Effort in Ensuring Peak-Time Power Supply During Summer 2019

Release time: 2019-06-10        bigmeansmall

On June 4, State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid) held a video conference on the topic of peak-time power supply management during the summer of 2019. The conference implements the decisions of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, as well as State Grid’s executive board, conducts analyze regarding to the potential challenges and problems faced by power supply management for the upcoming summer peak season, and set out key tasks. Mobilizing all staff to further enhance their awareness of the situation, fulfill their responsibilities, strengthen safe operation and provide quality service, guarantee the secure and stable operation of the power grid and reliable power supply. President Xin Baoan attended the conference and delivered a speech. Executive Vice President Han Jun was also at the conference. The conference was presided over by Executive Vice President, Zhang Zhigang, who also conveys the outputs of SOE operation safety conference that he attended earlier.

Xin Baoan stressed that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have issued new orders on risk prevention and safe operation. In terms of summer peak season power supply management, State Grid is facing a more complex and severe situation than that of the previous years, and there are greater challenges ahead which will demand more from us. Especially the challenges in area of demand and supply balancing, disasters and flood prevention, safe operation of power grids, equipment operation and maintenance, personal safety, as well as cyber security, all demand better quality services from State Grid.

Xin Baoan made it clear that all staff shall fulfill their responsibilities and spare no effort to ensure a reliable peak-time power supply during this summer. He stated  the general requirements for the peak-time power supply management to be as follows: implement the decisions and policies of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, relevant governing bodies, and implement the outputs of SOE operation safety conference. The general target is to prevent large-scale blackouts, fatal accidents and serious equipment failures, cyber security risks, as well as other incidents that may interrupt power supply. All staff shall diligently carry out their responsibilities, enhancing risk management and control, prepare backup measures, optimize power dispatching, grid and maintenance operations, as well as power exchange, provide better services, with the intention to accomplish the summer peak-time power supply management tasks ahead.

There are eight major tasks to be accomplished: Efficient and Effective management, the key is to strengthen the chain of command, make thoughtful arrangements, assign proper responsibilities, guarantee the workforce can making joint efforts to provide reliable power supply service; Safe and Stable operation of power grids, the key is to guarantee the Safe and Stable operation of the backbone networks, maintain power supply to key clients, and fully utilize the functions of “the three lines of defense” mechanism. Maintain smooth and orderly power supply, the key is to secure power supply ability to new business areas, strengthen dispatching and power trade management, as well as demand-side management; Strengthen equipment operation and maintenance management, the key is to better manage the UHV and inter-regional power grid equipment, tighten supervision on equipment operations, consolidate management for urban and rural distribution grids. Personal safety, the key is to improve worksite safety management, especially for small-scale sites and site in remote locations, take precautions on disaster prevention. Cyber Security Control, the key is to giving full attention to protection of power monitoring systems, strengthening network and information protection, carry out 2019 network attacks and defense drill; Provide quality services, the key is to enhance emergency repair abilities, strict timing for scheduled power outages and optimizing business environment in terms of getting electricity. Flood prevention and emergency response, the key is to ensure the safety of reservoir dams and power facilities during flood season, and focus on proactive prevention and emergency response measures.

During the conference, Presentations were delivered on the topics of power grid operation mode during in summer peak season, operation and maintenance of power grid equipment, providing quality service and demand side management, by the National Power Dispatching & Control Center, the Department of Equipment Management and the Department of Marketing delivered respectively.

In attendance at the conference were State Grid vice presidents, chief executives, and the heads of the relevant departments at the main venue. In addition, more than 40,000 staff members also attended the conference at 2,180 sub-meeting venues.

Sources: State Grid Administration Office, Strategic Research Office, Department of Safety Supervision, State Grid News

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