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Grid construction for Beijing 2022 in Full Swing

Release time: 2019-06-24        bigmeansmall

The power grid projects for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are proceeding in an all-around way, and seven game venues and supporting facilities will be fueled by get green power by July 1. This information was released at State Grid press conference held on June 21. On the same day, State Grid held a thematic event at Beijing Shougang Winter Olympics Park,briefing State Grid's contribution as an official partner of Beijing 2022. The head of the Beijing Organizing Committee introduced the plan and work progress of power supply.

In order to better serve Beijing 2022, State Grid fully carried out the important instructions of President Xi Jinping on the preparation of the Games, and is committed to building power grid for the event with world-class reliability. At present, the related power grid projects are proceeding in an all-around way.The demonstration project of the Zhangbei flexible DC power grid has completed in majority, a total of 25 110kV and above power grid projects have been started and 10kV distribution projects has been accelerated according to the construction progress of venues, so as to secure the power supply during preps events and official events in 2022.

The first seven Winter Olympics venues and supporting facilities will be powered by green electricity on July 1, which is expected to reduce 16,000 tons of standard coal and 40,000 tons of carbon emissions. The electricity is set to come from the company's first direct trading of green power for Beijing 2022 from July to December this year, organized by State Grid on June 20. The trading volume of 50 GWh promotes the use of green electricity at the venues. As concrete actions for green Olympics, State Grid strives to build a new energy supply system and a green power trading platform for the Games. It is committed to achieving a 100% green power supply for all venues for the first time in the history of the Olympics and helping the pursuit of a green, clean and low-carbon Games.

Also announced at the press conference was that in related projects for the new Shougang park and Chongli Olympic zone, State Grid has made full use of advanced information and communication technologies such as mobile internet and artificial intelligence, to realize the intelligent service system with internet of everything and  human-machine interaction, featuring comprehensive state perception,efficient information processing and convenient & flexible application. State Grid is exploring the construction of Internet of Things in Electricity and building the venues into a demonstration.

At present, the power service center in Beijing Shougang Winter Olympics Park has completed electricity connection for 28 venues including the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee and ice hockey stadium. The 220kV substation for Beijing 2022 recently entered operation and 110kV power transmission projects are preparing for test run. On the afternoon of June 21, media and the public visited the power supply service center and the 220 kV substation, as well as the construction sites of various venues, experiencing the application of Internet of Things in Electricity and comprehensive energy service platform.

 Source: State Grid News


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