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Introduction to State Grid Foundation for Public Welfare

        Release time:2018-01-18        bigmeansmall

Formerly named “Grid Welfare Foundation”, State Grid Foundation for Public Welfare is the first non-public offering foundation in the energy sector in China initiated and established by State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid) under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which approved its establishment in May, 2009 and the change of name in June, 2010. The Foundation was wholly invested by State Grid with an initial fund of 100 million RMB. As an independent legal entity, the Foundation is rated a 3A organization by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With the mission of actively carrying out the social responsibility of a grid utility to support social public welfare undertakings and promote harmonious social development, State Grid Foundation for Public Welfare devotes itself to the following areas:

(1) Actively participating in social welfare undertakings through organizing social aid programs to help poor students, elder people and the disabled.

(2) Supporting State Grid subsidiaries to organize poverty alleviation programs to help those in need.

(3) Organizing disaster relief aids.

(4) Carrying out other social welfare activities with its own characteristics.

In recent years, making full use of its role as a platform for the corporate operation of public welfare resources, State Grid Foundation for Public Welfare implemented the integrated management of resources and further optimized the allocation of public welfare resources of State Grid. It comprehensively strengthened the regulated management of public welfare undertakings through promoting institutional construction to increase transparency and standard operation so as to ensure that public welfare undertakings are under the supervision of the society. Moreover, the Foundation also emphasized the development of brands to foster public welfare brands with huge social influence to improve the reputation of State Grid.

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