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Power Distribution Networks

Power distribution networks are important public infrastructure securing socioeconomic development and people’s well-being. In recent years, State Grid has been carefully implementingtheGuiding Suggestions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Speeding up the Construction and Transformation of Power Distribution Networks (NDRC Energy [2015] 1899) and the Notice on the Release of Power Distribution Network Construction and Transformation Action Plan (2015-2020) by the State Energy Administration (State Energy Administration, Power, [2015] 290) to promote the development of a new type of industrialization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, and the construction of a beautiful China through pursuing stable growth, adjusting structures, promoting reforms, and improving people’s well-being. With the goal of meeting power demands, improving the quality of power supply, and building smart and interconnected grids, State Grid has developed integrated plans and standards to implement the new round of rural grid transformation and upgrade and build world-class urban power distribution networks and make power grids more standardized, simpler, and smarter. At the same time, State Grid has also been actively promoting the upgrading of equipment and technological innovation to accelerate infrastructure construction and the development of related services for a modern power distribution network that could comprehensively support the cultivation of a well-off society.

Currently, State Grid has built 3.69 million kilometers of 6-20kV power distribution lines, in which 3.08 million kilometers are overhead lines and 610,000km are cable lines. State Grid also has 4.40 million distribution transformers with a capacity of 1.2TVA and 4.01 million power distribution switches.

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